At Mellenger Interactive, we believe in focusing on the quality of your work and trying to build the next great thing for our clients. We’ve built the company around maximizing flexible work schedules to produce great work for our clients and to allow us more time for other things in life, like raising kids, photography, hiking or other side hustles.

If you are the type that loves staying busy and working on the next big thing, come join our team! We’re looking for someone who wants to be celebrated for getting stuff done while delivering exceptional results. Whether you’re a designer or a developer, you’ll have the opportunity to build a variety of projects with our diverse corporate clientele. You can manage your own hours and work independently while building your portfolio. If this sounds like you, contact us.

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So why us?

Mellenger Interactive strives to be a leader in our space while adapting to the changing requirements of the open web and mobile platforms.

We want to keep building effective solutions for our clients while working on innovative projects of our own.

As a company we aim to:

Build unique tools that

  • solve marketing communication problems
  • show thought leadership
  • lead the industry in innovation
  • evolve with changing times
  • meet customer needs
  • build and improve on processes

Be known for

  • getting work done on-time and on-budget
  • building something you can’t get on Wix, Squarespace
  • solving problems instead of just taking orders


Whether you're an employee or a contractor, we want to make sure that you have an opportunity to stay healthy and grow as a professional.

Benefits for Employees

  • Access to a wellness allowance
  • Work as much or as little as you want (10h to 35h per week)
  • Weekly team lunches
  • Access to a shared office for team meeting and collaborations
  • Option to work completely remote
  • The latest computer hardware
  • Attending trade shows and conferences
  • Great location - we’re located at the heart of Mount Pleasant with convenient access to transit and parking (and coffee shops and breweries!)


Benefits for Contractors

  • Guaranteed hours per week
  • Invoices paid within 7 days
  • Office space and external monitors to use
  • Access to senior developers, design and user experience experts

Work with us

Andrew Mellenger


Ben Koether


Francois Peloquin


Jake Johnson

Data / Analytics

Kylie Woo

User Experience

Megan Cindric

Client Services

Philippe Joulot


Tianna Kwong

User Experience

Cam Moscoso


Fabricio Montenegro


Alexandra Kilian


Bobbie Askew

Client Services

Codi Lechasseur


Mike Leger


Vanessa Turke

User Experience