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The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre is a leading health service provider focused on empowering young people (and their families) to understand and overcome personal challenges.

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The Idea

The team at Kelty Mental Health have tremendous knowledge and insight with respect to mental health issues and behaviour change, but simply telling young people what they need to do isn’t enough to bring about meaningful change. We needed to gamify that information in a way that would empower young people to establish their own new and more effective ways of living.

Due to the cyclical nature of the Kelty Mental Health funding model, the ideal solution involves creating interactive modules for the site that address individual areas of mental health. By focusing on the long-term objective, our team is able to develop modular solutions that continually add diversity and depth to the Kelty user experience.

The Solution

Kelty Mental Heath has a large amount of helpful information and resources for young people and their families. The challenge is delivering this information in a way that is engaging for the audience—many of whom are struggling with specific challenges.

Everyone learns better through play and discovery. By recognizing this simple fact, our team has been able to develop a number of different discovery modules that communicate critical mental health information in a way that anyone can appreciate and learn from.

The Results

Kelty Mental Health is a perfect example of the type of digital approach that can evolve over time to address diverse needs as they are identified, developed and launched on a feature-by-feature basis.

Mobile phone view of the Kelty website
In 2013 we designed and developed a mobile optimized wersion of Kelty Mental Health

While the particular focus of each tool or activity has changed to address the wide spectrum of mental health issues, we continue to work closely with Kelty Mental Health to achieve their ultimate objective of health literacy by creating fresh, engaging and informative digital tools.

Check back often to see how the site continues to evolve.

User Experience Design, User Testing, Visual Design, Development, SEO