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Move4Malawi is a fitness challenge where people walk, run or ride towards a collective goal of 16,000km in 8 weeks to support development programs in Malawi. We had to build an app that would connect participants, track progress and include incentives, and take it from concept to launch in 8 weeks. What we made became Move2Help, where health meets purpose.

  • User Experience Design
  • Mobile App Development

Fundraising with a difference

StandAsOne Ministry needed a technological solution for their Move4Malawi campaign, which would challenge people to move the distance from Vancouver to Malawi to raise awareness and funds. We saw it as an opportunity to build our own kind of fundraising platform, which would merge fitness tracking with collective goals and good-natured competition to help every gift move the needle. Our vision was to not just connect sponsors with participants, but every dollar donated to every kilometre achieved.

Sprinting in style

The catch? We had to plan, design, build and launch the app in 8 weeks -- our kind of fitness challenge. At the start line, it was all about figuring out what and how every moving part of the app and its companion site would look like, function and fit together.

Whiteboard brainstorming session

Once we had a clear picture of our end goal, we laid out the structure and put some meat on the bones. Working in a layered and interleaved approach, we wireframed our UX/UI while organizing the mechanics and writing the content.

Now it was time to put the face on. We designed a clean, simple visual brand, and aligned it with the app’s original campaign for our release version. The look and feel was extended into a badge or pin style for gifts and achievements, giving these virtual rewards a 3-dimensional treatment.

move4malawi iphone mockups

Ready, set and go

After some breakneck development and a lot of killer collaboration from the full team, Move2Help was ready to go live. On time and beyond expectations, which is how we do it. Have a worthy cause you’d like to set up a campaign for and get some friends, family or colleagues in on supporting? Head over the App Store, download this easy, integrated platform and get moving.

app store screenshots
two people sharing their app feeds

Apply Now

We are taking applications for our next Move2Help campaign. If you are interested in using this platform for your non-profit, please contact us at

User Experience Design, Mobile App Development