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Oppy, one of North America’s largest produce distributors, was looking for a technology partner who would listen to their needs, approach their problems objectively, and strengthen communication throughout their worldwide network of growers and buyers.

  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Development
  • User Testing
  • SEO

The Idea

Oppy had a tremendous amount of information (updated on an up-to-the-minute basis) within each category of produce, but their old website was limited to presenting static pages and downloadable PDFs.

The client recognized that, by working with the right technology partner, their site had the potential to become a more useful tool for every member of the supply chain.

Rather than addressing a long list of bugs with the old site, Mellenger Interactive focused on developing a comprehensive project plan to create a new web-based tool that would deliver timely information (that was as fresh as the produce itself) and add real value.

We produced this demo video that appears on Oppy's homepage.

The Solution

Availability is presented in overlapping, brightly coloured bar charts. Location information is presented as interactive overlays, showing supply details of where a variety is sourced, right down to the province or region level. Category information for a specific variety of produce is easily determined through the use of icons.

Key employees throughout every division of the operation, as well as external suppliers, are now empowered to modify information, including product availability, using a streamlined data entry process. Fresh information is then propagated throughout the site so everyone in the supply chain is able to make decisions based on accurate information.


This level of interactivity provides a platform for collaboration between business operations that would otherwise rarely occur and allows for greater teamwork and problem-solving within the company.

By building a solution that gives category managers the tools to update data themselves, visitors can be confident the information on oppy.com is fresh and up-to-date, which will ultimately help drive sales and marketing initiatives.

The Results

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User Experience Design, Visual Design, Development, User Testing, SEO