A new take on navigation

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Haystack is a Drupal and Wordpress plugin that improves conversion by allowing site visitors to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.


A recurring challenge

Mobile-friendly websites look great, but the lack of traditional menus make them harder to navigate. Optimization for mobile devices has typically meant stripping back functionality. This is an even bigger problem for e-commerce sites with thousands of hard-to-find pages which leave potential customers twiddling thumbs instead of clicking on purchases

Haystack graphic

Supercharging the search process

We knew there had to be a better way, so we decided to create Haystack — a fast, intuitive, auto-completing search tool — and allow other developers to improve the user experience of their websites with this easy-to-install plugin.

Building the tool

We initially built Haystack to improve the search performance of an existing client’s website but soon realized it could do the same for almost any (Drupal or Wordpress) site.


Lasting results

If you’d like to see what Haystack can do for you, sign-up for your first month free by visiting haystack.menu