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Since 1990, FINCAD has used advanced analytics, flexible architecture and patented technology to help financial institutions make better investment and risk decisions. After holding a leadership position for years without giving their brand much attention, FINCAD’s competitors were catching up -- and using the digital tools at their disposal to attract younger demographics with higher expectations for a brand’s online offering and functionality. 


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  • User Interface Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Development
  • Data Migration
  • Analytics

New foundation and fresh site

It was apparent that keeping in step would mean reinvesting in marketing. FINCAD’s internal marketing team created a new positioning statement for the brand that would drive the design process of an overhauled website from Mellenger. “Ahead of the curve” declared their market leadership in a high-stakes sector, and was relevant to their products, which centre on data analysis and predictive modelling.

Begin with the bones

The first step was to dive into the intricacies of the site structure and make sense of it. FINCAD’s current site was complex and layered, with loads of content that wasn’t being engaged with and was buried in levels of navigation. We developed a new site map, condensing pages and reorganizing content to streamline and simplify user experience.

Breathing life into brand

The FINCAD logo and brand colours were staying the same, but beyond those core elements there was no visual system to roll out. Using the “Ahead of the curve” positioning as inspiration, we created a look and feel that used sweeping, overlapping curves to frame blocks and imagery. We also designed a personable yet professional illustrative treatment to contrast and support the highly technical offering, and applied the new aesthetic across the site, newsletters, white papers, ebooks and more.

FinCad Home page before and after
New FINCAD Solutions Page Mobile and Desktop Design
New FIncad Report Design

A clear path to content

The original site had huge amounts of archived and downloadable content, and we wanted to improve search speed and content accessibility for users. While a lot of the long content would normally be kept alive for traffic, it wasn’t high quality (e.g. students looking for term definitions rather than FINCAD’s niche clientele) and wasn’t helping reporting. With no conversion and a really high bounce rate, our insight was to reduce site content massively.

We also simplified the landing pages and layouts of both the Research Library and Partner Directory, and converted these resources to vertical databases. Horizontal storage managers process all user queries against large sets of data, with numbers of columns managed in a row. Vertical databases solve this problem because a user only searches a few columns and data is stored as a series of page changes; reducing query processing time by up to 500 times!


Tools that empower teams

We build sites that our clients can actually use to manage their business or achieve their goals. For the FINCAD Sales team, we incorporated a piece of Mellenger tech to support their needs and make their jobs easier. Our collections tool lets logged-in users add any site resources they choose to a custom url, making it easy to find, compile and share with a client. Initially developed for Kelty Mental Health, this new iteration added another function where the resources compiled can be downloaded to a zip file.


before and after resources page

Equipped for the future

FINCAD had also never had a style guide for creating brand consistency across platforms and collateral, and the new site and look and feel presented an opportunity for us to fix that. We put together a comprehensive brand guide for using the logo, colours, typography, graphic elements, photography, illustrations, styling infographics and creating layouts. This living document equips anyone working with or for FINCAD to follow or provide a practical framework for the brand’s professional image. 

We have continued to roll out this marketing material into email templates, as we continue to maintain the site and enhance analytics. Mellenger prides itself on being a custodian of our client’s brand and business well past launch day. 


Fincad ui elements sample creative
Fincad infographics
User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Graphic Design, Development, Data Migration, Analytics