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With fruit production ramping up in growing regions around the world, Enza, Turners & Growers, and Oppenheimer Group needed to simultaneously promote Envy and connect with people who were already struggling to find the apple in the market.

  • User Experience Design
  • Development
  • User Testing
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Visual Design

Promoting a rare find

Anyone who's bitten into an Envy Apple is blown away. This Braeburn/Royal Gala cross is surprisingly large, crisp, and sweet - which makes people's enthusiasm hard to contain. Given the viral nature of consumer reaction (take this tweet from pop icon Cher for example) the marketing strategy was naturally geared toward driving trial.

While this made sense at first blush, there was a significant hurdle to overcome. A new variety of apple tree takes years to bear fruit and - while it was now being grown outside of New Zealand in a number of orchards in Washington state and Chile - Envy was still hard to find. So, how do you drive trial when people can't get their hands on the product?

Finding Envy

The solution we came up with is a Web-based locator application that connects people who are seeking Envy with those who have found Envy in their communities.

This allows Enza, Oppy and their partners to avoid potential backlash through social media regarding product scarcity and allows for a community of seekers, finders and vendors to grow organically online.

Beyond simple functionality, the result is a living demonstration of the desirability of the product (visualizing the number of people around the world currently looking for Envy Apples.)

The interactive experience was created using a variety of technologies including a location-aware database, proximity-based referral engine, and Google Map integration. Usability barriers (such as ID and password creation) were eliminated while retaining the ability to seamlessly capture user data in order for the tool to work and provide functionality.

In other words, the technology doesn't get in the way of the user experience, while providing valuable metrics on availability and market demand.

Envy Apples Homepage

Evolving utility

The platform also allows for the evolution of diverse marketing initiatives including lead generation, contesting, referrals and even product fulfillment based on demand & engagement within a specific region.

The unique data set is self-populated by consumers.

This provides distributors and vendors with the most up-to-date information on demand and availability when it comes to placing orders and planning local marketing initiatives.

Store Managers can participate in the conversation without needing a login & password. It also provides them with an ideal opportunity to engage with community members surrounding key dates — like the arrival of the first shipment of the season. The platform also creates a self-sustaining content stream for social media.

Talk about a juicy solution!

User Experience Design, Development, User Testing, Interactive Mapping, Visual Design