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It takes many groups to create relevant, local content for a successful print and online publication like Business in Vancouver.  We were awarded the project to modernize their website and it presented a unique opportunity to reimagine their entire publishing platform.

  • User Experience Design
  • Development
  • E-commerce
  • Analytics
  • SEO

A complex redesign

With eight separate business units (News; Lists; Podcasts; Event Postings; BIV Promotions; Advertising; Print Distribution; and Subscription Management) that we needed to build custom solutions for, we had our work cut out for us. We had members of the BIV team (many of whom had been through website redesigns in the past) told us it was impossible to build a new website, migrate all the content and users over, set up a new e-commerce platform, improve the internal content entry processes and the performance of the website in less than a year of design and development time.



Breaking the story

A technology upgrade shouldn’t make it more difficult to do your job. It should make it easier. That’s why we consulted with each internal content development team and treated separate departments as mini-projects within the larger initiative.

We met with each group, developed specific tools, received feedback and iterated on each solution. These new applications, in addition to 40,000 legacy articles, lists and older content were integrated into a new BIV website that was optimized for both publishers and readers alike.

We had set a goal for ourselves to complete the project and launch in five months. Beating all expectations, we were able to achieve our goal.

We gave Andrew and his team an impossible task: build us a completely new, modern, publishing platform with all of the features of our existing site (which had been under active development for years), all of the content migrated, and all of the active subscribers moved over. And make it better. We were budget-conscious and had only five months to launch. We launched on time and on budget.

A scalable solution

As a true technology partner, we continue to maintain and optimize the site, meeting every 2 weeks with each stakeholder group to determine priorities and publish updates on an ongoing basis.

The new redesigned is an expression of our business philosophy that technology should be transparent to the teams that we are building solutions for. We built an infinitely scalable solution that will support long term growth for a very essential group of journalists in our city.

User Experience Design, Development, E-commerce, Analytics, SEO